With VideoTweeter, you can easily do the following things
  • Create an amazing video from text, pictures, audio or scriptsnew or RSSnew in minutes.
  • Mass download videos from any site.
  • Add a variety of effects for the existing videos.
  • Spin one video to hundreds of different videos.
  • Mass upload videos to any video site like YouTube by one click.
  • Run multiple tasks at the same time.
  • Run tasks using smart schedule settings.
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Create Video In Minutes

Get Video from Script in Seconds

VideoTweeter will scan your script by clicking a button, and then it splits the script into slides as well as forms your text format and overall arrangement. Then the video structure is composed.

Add Pictures To Your Video Easily

With the help of VideoTweeter, you can get massive pictures related to your video subject from the internet and add them to your video by one click.

Finish Your Video By Few Clicks

VideoTweeter can automatically create your video with few clicks, thanks to the sound-matching technology and marginal text cutting function. That’s how a video is created at an amazing speed.

One Click to Convert Text to Audio

No need record audio by yourself, just one click to add the audio for all slides using the great Text To Speech technology.

Now we have two new ways to create videos

Create by RSS

Automatically create video and upload via data source(RSS). Including data sources management.

Create by script

Create a video from a script. Including scripts management.

Mass Download Videos From Any Site

Mass Download

If you found some good videos online, and you want to use them in your video, or convert them into your video directly. You can use the mass video download function in VideoTweeter. Just input the video url or the page url that contains any video in our software, all videos will be downloaded into your computer and ready for your using.

Create New Video from Existent Videos

Video creation

Select a batch of pictures and videos to generate a new video. You can add watermarks, text, audio, pictures and subtitles for each clip individually. Also, you can set when the picture will show, how long it will show and what effect it will generate etc..., besides, before generating the video each time, you can select to use the whole clips or randomly some clips to create the new video.

Spin One Video to Hundreds of New Videos

Video spin

VideoTweeter can randomly insert watermark, text, subtitles, audio, and TTS etc...to existent video according your settings to create hundreds of new videos. You can also set it to remove some video clips randomly at the begin/end/middle of the video, or add some new clips randomly in the current video. The main purpose of this function is to let you get unlimited new videos from one existent video, and you can upload all these videos to the same or different sites many times without detected as duplicate videos.

Replace The Video Background In Bulk

Replace video's background

VideoTweeter can identify the background of the video automatically and replace it using the pictures you selected. With simple settings, you can use one or more pictures to replace the background of the selected videos in bulk. After a simple click, you can also export the video's background

Upload Videos to Any Site By One Click

Video upload

VideoTweeter can upload hundreds of videos to any video site like youtube by few clicks. You can choose the videos from the local file or video creating/spinning task. And you can set a smart schedule uploading task. It is a big time saver if you want to upload many videos to many different sites.

Add Customized Sites To Upload Videos

Custom website and module management

VideoTweeter has integrated some video sites like youtube for you to upload videos directly. But if you want to add any new video site to upload video to, you can do it very easily in VideoTweeter, just follow the introduction, you can add any video site into VideoTweeter and upload your videos to it by one click.

7*24 Hours Video Traffic Plan

Amazing Traffic Machine

VideoTweeter can help you to create and upload new videos in 7*24 hours fully automatically. And you will get huge targeted traffic by using this function. You can create a task to watch any keyword on site like youtube etc..., once there is a new video coming out and fitting for your niche, VideoTweeter will download it automatically, and then converts it to you tons of new videos, then upload converted new videos to the sites you preset. This task will keep running 7*24*365 full automatically. What a traffic machine!

Main Functions List

Main Functions Basic Ver. Pro Ver. Elite Ver.

Create Video From Local Materials In Minutes

VideoTweeter will convert an article to a slideshow automatically. You can just do a few settings, then program will convert the slideshow to video.

Picture management

Mass Videos Download

VideoTweeter can download video from any site like YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion etc...

Create New Video From Existent Videos, Pictures and Text etc...

This is very fast new video creation functions using your existent materials.

Spin One Video to Hundreds of New Videos

Insert pictures, watermarks, text, subtitles, audio and TTS etc...into existing video, and change video length randomly. Just few clicks, you get so many new videos.

Replace video's background

With just few simple clicks, VideoTweeter can recognizes the background of the video and replaces it using the pictures you selected automatically.

Mass Video Upload

Upload your videos to any video site by one click.

Video Sites Account Management

Manage each video site's account via this program. You can manage them by group and bulk-check if your accounts are available.

Add Customized Video Site

You can add any video site into the software for bulk-video uploading.

Create and Run Multi-Tasks At The Same Time.

Create and Run Schedule Tasks Very Easily.

Create and Run 7*24*365 Video Traffic Plan.

Automatically create video and upload via data source (RSS)

RSS Management

Create video by script

Script Management

Lifetime Free Update.

Much more smart functions are not listed here...

Payment Options

VideoTweeter has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and MacBook with Windows VM; it's advisable to have a screen resolution larger than 1024x768px for optimal interface display due to the large amount of functionality.